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  1. Final Followup: I resolved my iSCSI issue and was able to get everything working under Leopard. The iSCSI initiator works exactly as I would expect and mounts the disk. I was able to format it HFS+ and everything looks fine... Now for the best news of it all, the drive shows up as a valid time machine target within the Time Machine preferences! I was able to point time machine at it and it has started my backup. This is great news for those who were hoping to do network backups with time machine. For reference my specific hardware setup is: Core Duo Mac Mini 80gb HDD, OSX 10.5 using the latest globalSAN iSCSI Initiator For an iSCSI target I am using Openfiler 2.2
  2. I'd like to follow this up. The problem I'm seeing is that I can log into the target but I don't see any devices, this seems to be a problem with my Target (OpenFiler) and not anything to do with globalSAN's product. I get the same exactly results using a Windows Server 2003 machine with Microsoft's iSCSI initiator. Once I get my issue sorted out I will post back to this topic if it works with Leopard and TimeMachine.
  3. I'm wondering if any one has gotten this to work with Leopard yet? The application runs and I can get it to log into iSCSI targets, I can see the session on the Sessions page however nothing ever shows up in Disk Utility to allow me to format/mount etc. Am I missing a step or does this product not work with leopard yet? I don't have a Tiger machine around any more to test with or I would. My ultimate goal is that hopefully the iSCSI disk will work with Time Machine, maybe someone already has experience with this. Thanks!