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  1. Seems that the works for logging in, however now the iSCSI write through cache option no longer stays on. I can see it in the menu, but it's not possible to keep it "checked" on. Any chance to get that fixed?
  2. After upgrading my Mac OSX from Yosemite to El Capitan, I can no longer connect to the storage. Newest global san iSCSI initiator version and using the I uninstalled everyting using the uninstaller and then reinstalled everything. Any clue as to why I can no longer succesfully log in? Globals san is all lit up as normal and the storage is found without problem. thanks
  3. Reinstalling globalsan fixed this issue.
  4. I had a machine hang up while reading a volume and had to hard shut down. Ever since, I can get the storage connected but I can't login. I get the familiar error that the username or password is wrong, which of course it is not. The storage doesn't show up in the disk util. I'm running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and global san v4 (build 204). Everything has been working fine until the hard shutdown. Any tips on how to get it connected again?? mike
  5. Hello, I'm posting this because nobody else seems to be able to shed any light on it. Here's the deal: I use Retrospect on a Mac to backup all my disk volumes (which btw are all formatted HFS+). The backup machine simply mounts all the volumes Read Only and backs everything up. Normally this works perfect and like clockwork. However, we have an issue with a PC that uses the paragon driver to work on it's own dedicated HFS+ volume. Something happens to the disk that makes Retrospect get an error when scanning the volume. The error is -1124 (invalid HTFS data). This causes the volume to be skipped in the backup script. I have tried many different things to find out why this happens, and the only real unknown factor is the Paragon driver. There is never an error on any of the HFS+ volumes that are in use by the Mac computers. It's only the PC volume which is using the Paragon driver. Does anyone else out there have any experience with a cross-platform backup solution using Retrospect? I would love to know some other successful solutions. Thanks Mike
  6. Oops, the Subject is supposed to read, "Will the CLI still work while the GUI is open?" I'm trying to find the most elegant solution to automating my archives which happen at night. Currently I leave the iSANmp app running on the archive machine which runs an LTO-5 drive and have to manually sync all volumes before I leave for the day. Im wondering if it's possible that the GUI can be open and then have a CLI script automate the syncing of the volumes at a specified time just before the backup starts? Any pointers on how to make this simple script would anso be helpful. Would something like quick keys be an easier solution? Thanks. Mike
  7. How about a keyboard shortcut for syncing all mounted volumes? Would be nice to have for my backup client machine. Mike
  8. Hi, I'm wondering how much overhead the syncing of volumes requires and how often it can be done without causing problems with our setup, which is 4 recording studios on Gb iSCSI. I have a backup machine which is scheduled to backup all of the volumes every night and I need the sync so that the backup gets all the latest files. Are there any scripts that can automate the syncing of all volumes at a specific time each day? thanks Mike
  9. Hello, Im currently testing an Infortrend iSCSI unit which has two LUNs, one a RAID 10 (64k stripe, four 1T disks -- four equal partitions) and the other LUN is RAID 5 (also four 1T disks, 64k stripe -- four equal partitions). I am using the globalSAN initiator and SanMP iSCSI software. I can get the RAID 10 partition to work fabulously, but the RAID 5 partitions are giving be trouble. I can copy a ProTools session to a RAID 5 partition and it is super fast, but when I try to open the session I get the DAE error 9126. Another clue is that I can create a new session on the RAID partition but when I create an audio track and try to record something I get a different error, this one says "can't allocate disk space for recording." Anybody have any ideas as to why the two differnt RAID setups would behave so differently? All formatting was done extended, non journaled, Apple Partition Map. The process of converting the disks seems to go without a hitch as well. ProTools simply doesn't like the RAID 5 partition. BTW, have also tried partitioning the RAID 5 into six partitions which brings their size down to below 500G, still won't work. Are there any known issues I don't know about? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks! Mike