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  1. Hi there. Yes looks like "Automatic Read/Write Sync" is enabled on all but 2 of our volumes, with a sync interval of 20 seconds. So that would explain the constant Explorer closing. I could turn that off, but reading the SANmp client manual seems to suggest it's best to leave it on. I'll open a case, as I do still have some related questions. Thanks.
  2. Hi there. Running iSANmp on Windows 10 Pro. We have an EVO unit. When I browse a SAN volume in Windows File Explorer, the window will randomly close. Usually after 10 seconds or a couple minutes. But sometimes it stays open normally. Anyone else seen this? Thanks.
  3. Hi there, My EVO unit was perfectly fine a day ago, but today I tried logging into iSANmp and I get a "No SAN disks connected" warning. Turns out the EVO unit won't boot. It powers on, but I get this error during the startup sequence (hooked up a VGA monitor to see what was going on since I couldn't log in): Kernel alive Kernel direct mapping tables up to 230000000 @ 8000-12000 PANIC: early exception 0e rip 10:ffffffff80704e10 error 0 cr 2 10 The system doesn't get any further than that and has to be powered off. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. Hi there. Having trouble with our 2 year old EVO. Specifically, corrupted fade files in Pro Tools sessions (happened twice so far over the past week), and slower than usual disk access...66MB/s instead of 100+. Our volumes appear to be quite fragmented based on the graphs I see in iDefrag. Obviously it could be many many factors, but we've sort of troubleshot just about everything here in the past month. My question is if it's better to erase a volume (as described in the SanMP Admin manual)...or can I run iDefrag on the volume over a weekend and achieve similar results? Either way, I'll make a full backup of the volume first, in addition to the daily backups of my work files. Just wondering if SNS recommends one method over another. Is the EVO unit "defrag-friendly", or will that perhaps cause more wear-and-tear than necessary? Thanks.
  5. Hi there. I'm planning to upgrade a video edit suite to Lion, perhaps this summer...Ellipse says it requires 10.4.8 and up. So that means it works in 10.7.4? I'm currently running 10.6.8 and Ellipse version 1.8. Thanks.