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  1. This is great news... very sad that it occurs on the same day Apple announced discontinuation of the entire Xserve line.
  2. Good luck. Seems the last word from SNS on this was on Nov-10-09 in that "64-bit Snow Leopard compatibility will be coming in a future release..." I've asked on here a few times since June but no one seems to be paying attention, or cares to reply. I can not really complain since it's being provided for free. We bit the bullet and purchased ATTO's iSCSI initiator. Other than the fact that it doesn't support multipathing on OS X (they claim it's a limitation imposed by Apple), it's working rather well. Naturally I would prefer a free initiator over the ATTO one, even if we could purchase support for it from SNS, but 64-bit is a requirement in a server with 24 GB of RAM AFAIK.
  3. is there a beta or ETA on 64-bit support for snow leopard?
  4. is there a beta or ETA on 64-bit support for snow leopard?