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  1. Got the new driver from Eric by mail (.247-101110-171745). That solved my authentication problem. Did some copying back and forth, plus opened iPhoto 09 library and browsed. I also put the Mac into hibernation and woke it up again. Everything seems OK for now. Thank's Eric!
  2. I logged in to my Syno DS410J via ssh and dumped the /var/log/messages. When trying to connect (as I did starting this string, top post) I could see in this log that my Syno gave the following error: Nov 13 18:27:29 kernel: [ 5743.580000] SessionType key not received in first login request. Nov 13 18:27:29 kernel: [ 5743.580000] iSCSI Login negotiation failed. Nov 13 18:27:29 kernel: [ 5743.590000] iSCSI Login negotiation failed. Same setup, no passwords, only header error correction. Seems like the globalSAN connector may not be sending the sessiontype key?
  3. Just uninstalled all files on my mac with sns in filename. Used terminal command "find / -iname *sns*" and a program called Find Any File (as root). This after running unistallers for both 4.1 beta and 4.0.204. Emptying trash before rebooting. Then logging in as administrator, installing 4.1 beta, rebooting. Same error. Uninstalling everything again. Rebooting. Then installing 4.0.204 from ordinary user account and rebooting. Voila, iScsi-target reappearing. All I could find in /var/log/kernel.log was: kernel[0]: GLO Warning: Error 32 while receiving BHS. kernel[0]: GLO Warning: Receiving thread has stopped with error 32. On 4.0.204 now, works fine. Did quite a few installs and reboots for this 4.1 without success. If you have any suggestions I could try to troubleshoot. But since I'm at UTC+1 it's going to be a few hours until next time..
  4. I am working from a ordinary user account. No admin priviliges, but I was asked for an admin account and password during the install. Is there a difference installing from ordinary user account and admin account if I authenticate with an admin account from my usual account??
  5. Just updated my working OS X 10.6.4/globalSan 4.0.204 driver to this new 4.1 beta and I can no longer connect. Getting this error: Code E3FF8207. Missing some required parameters. Please check the error detection and authentication parameters. First installed the 4.1 beta over the 4.0.204 and rebooted. Got same message. Then uninstalled 4.1 Beta, uninstalled 4.0.204 (via their respective uninstallers), rebooted and reinstalled 4.1 beta. Rebooted. No luck. Rebooted my Synology 410J with the iScsi-target, changed authentication from none to password, and back again. Target is set up with header error detection. Tried without. Always same error. Still unable to connect. Wired and wireless. Any suggestions? Before reverting to 4.0.204
  6. Is there a way to connect and disconnect a SCSI target via the command line? I am presently cloning my system drive to a iSCSI-disk with SuperDuper, set up once every week. But I don't want the iSCSI-drive to be mounted when it's not needed for this mirroring. If this is not possible, maybe SNS is considering adding this as a feature to the globalSAN OS X driver?