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How do I shut down my globalSAN unit?

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Posted 25 March 2008 - 11:04 AM

Proper shut down procedure of a globalSAN unit.

Via web browser GUI:
1. Log into your globalSAN unit via a web browser window.
2. Choose the “General” button on the left side of the page.
3. Click on the “Power” tab at the top of the page.
4. Click on the “Power Off” button.
5. Click on “Confirm” on the next page.
6. Wait a couple minutes for the system to shut down.

Via front panel button:
1. Push the power button on the front panel once. Do not hold the button in.
2. Wait a couple minutes for the system to shut down.

Via console:
If you have a VGA monitor and a USB or PS2 keyboard connected directly to your globalSAN hardware you can power down the unit via command line.
1. At the login prompt enter “admin” as the user name, and hit return.
2. At the password prompt enter your password.
3. At the wash prompt type “poweroff” and hit return.
4. Type “y” to confirm.
5. Wait a couple minutes for the system to shut down.

Under the extremely rare circumstance that none of the above methods work, the following "force quit" procedure may be followed.
1. Allow several minutes for any of the above techniques to shut down the unit. In some instances the globalSAN may be performing repair or verification processes and is intentionally delaying the system shut down until these are completed. Continued drive activity lights may indicate this.
2. When instructed to do so by Studio Network Solutions technical support staff, you may push and hold the small button on the front panel until the unit shuts down. This force quit usually takes about three seconds.

Under no circumstances should the AC power be interrupted by; pulling out the power cable(s), turning off a power strip, or turning off an AC circuit breaker that the unit is connected to. Any of these interruptive methods, and in fact the force quit outlined above, will generally result in the globalSAN RAID controller setting a confidence bit that will initiate an array verification when the unit is restarted. This is done to assure that no errors have been encountered as a result of the improper shut down. Performance of the globalSAN unit may be impacted during the rebuild, which may take a couple hours. Normal operation will be restored after the verification has completed.