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    • EVO boot up stuck on "firing up logical disks"
      Hello. We don't actually have a version 6.2 for EVO, but from the description, it sounds like the EVO may be automatically repairing logical disks, typically as a result of an unexpected shutdown. If you haven't yet done so, please open a support case so we can take a closer look at this.
    • EVO boot up stuck on "firing up logical disks"
      EVO reboot stuck on "firing up logical disks" EVO won't load past this. We were recently upgraded v6.2 throughh support but I don't believe it's related. Not sure what else it could be?  
    • Why is globalSAN so slow compared to ATTO Xtend SAN?
      We received a support case for this ticket as well, and it was apparent from the screenshots that Error Detection (CRC32C) was enabled in globalSAN, and not in the other initiator. The initiator itself should not be affecting the speed, but the CRC policy does tell the operating system to perform extra calculations for every transfer, and the impact is especially noticeable when using 10Gb. Turning it off in globalSAN or enabling it in the other initiator should result in consistency between the two. The slower read speed is most likely a connectivity or configuration issue. There may be an MTU mismatch in ports on the workstation, switch, or storage. OS X also often requires some stack tuning to optimize 10Gb performance, and many adapters have recommendations for this. We'll watch for an update to the support case.
    • Why is globalSAN so slow compared to ATTO Xtend SAN?
      I am using the trial version of the initiator to connect from my iMac 5K to my DS2015xs via SFP+. The unit is loaded with 8x8TB drives. When formatted to be a "normal" SAN with SHR-2, I get throughput both ways between 350-500MB/s. When I format it RAID-6 in block level iSCSI, I get 350MB/s write speed and 150MB/s read speed with the ATTO, and about 150MB/s write and 80MB/s read with the SNS. Clearly I have a problem with the read speed in both cases, however the SNS being half as fast as the ATTO is alarming. Any suggestions? I'm using the default settings, and even twiddling them on both ends didn't yield any improvements.