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  2. This fixed the issue: https://studionetworksolutions.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/209723143-Synology-DSM-6
  3. Situation: MacOS Sierra v10.12.6 New iSCSI target created (& enabled) on MySynology NAS (:5000) Trial version of the globalSAN iSCSI Initiator CHAP user authentication (not target authentication!) Initiator connection -> :5000 Xtarget iSCSI advanced setup -> :5000 I keep getting this error: "0.2.5. iSCSI portal was not found at the xxx.xxx.x.xxxx address." Same error for 'portal/group' or 'target'. Are there any restrictions on the port number (standard 3260) in the trial version? Any help will be much appreciated!
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  5. I'm using trial version. an issue: too many connections has gone. just left: Connection Error, 0.0.A Internal Error or 1.2.FB. doesn't work at all.
  6. We aren't aware of any issues with globalSAN and macOS 10.12. Are you using the trial version of the initiator, or the licensed version? There are very few functional limitations in the trial mode, but one of these limitations is the number of allowed concurrent connections. Please see the guide in /Applications/globalSAN for more information.
  7. iSCSI doesn’t work with mac sierra 10.12. When I am trying to connect to mu iSCSI server says: Connection Error, 0.0.A Internal Error or 1.2.FB. Too many connections.
  8. Windows .mov Import

    Also to add that if I take the "problem" file and drag it off the EVO to the desktop and try to import it. It works fine. I also tried this on another Windows workstation as well as trying Adobe Premiere and got the same error.
  9. I have some footage that can't be imported into After Effects on my Windows workstations. The same file can be imported on Mac stations into several different apps. We tested a few different movie files and the same happens
  10. Project Sharing

    Hmm not sure this is wats happening. What I'm trying to do is add lets say additional assets to say /Volumes/Projects/2017/
  11. Project Sharing

    It's only expected that this would be prevented if the path were to change. For example, a locked file may be at /Volumes/Projects/2017/October/example.c4d. Any change to any of the parent items would affect all children, and change the path to their location. If this isn't what you're seeing, please open a support case so we can gather more information.
  12. Project Sharing

    I have a share where file permissions have been setup for Project Sharing. I had a user open a C4D file which it is set to Write lock those file types. The file is located inside a series of folders and subfolders. At the Finder level when another user tries to drag a file into any of the subfolders where that C4D file is located it won't let them. All the folders seem to be locked at the finder level. They can drag from the finder to Sharebrowser but not Finder to Finder. Is that normal operation?
  13. Best Practices for End of Day

    Hi Jeffrey, Either ShareBrowser or Finder can be used to eject volumes. The best practice is to unlock the project locks from within the ShareBrowser Client or Finder before ejecting, but if all NAS shares are unmounted, the locks should also eventually expire on their own (once the EVO has determined the NAS sessions truly are closed and not just briefly interrupted).
  14. Best Practices for End of Day

    Thank You, that makes total sense. Is there any issue with un-mounting via Sharebrowser vs the Finder? In other words if users unlock there projects and perform a drag the share to the trash/eject is that a problem?
  15. Best Practices for End of Day

    Thanks for asking. While it’s technically better to shut down workstations from a security (see this article) and energy-saving standpoint, leaving the machines running indefinitely is not expected to pose a problem with the EVO. It is best to unmount network shares when not in use (especially if using SAN volumes). Also, here’s an article that covers the best practice for EVO shutdowns. Feel free to open a support case if you have any more questions or concerns!
  16. We just rolled out a 16bay EVO with another 16bay expansion chassis. Connected are four edits and 10 motion graphics stations. The edits most always shutdown their stations at the end of the day. The graphics folks seem to always keep their stations on overnight, even if not rendering overnight. Is their any harm to staying connected and on throughout the night for extended periods of time?
  17. I wanted to share a Windows fix I found for Sony XAVC files in their native MXF wrapper not being playable with Windows Media Player, and consequently, not being playable with the preview window in ShareBrowser. This would be helpful specifically for anyone using a Sony FS5 camera who wanted to store and access the native files from the camera, rather than transcoding, but I think it would also be helpful for anyone dealing with footage that has multiple streams of audio. The fix involves installing the K-Lite codec pack and making some specific adjustments to the settings. There are two fixes listed here; one is a little overkill, but they both work: http://codecs.forumotion.net/t2667-mxf-files-visible-but-no-playback
  18. After upgrading to on Sierra 10.12.6 my machine displayed the above captioned error on boot. When I open the globalSAN initiator preference pane it shows the the connection toggling between connected and not disconnected in approximately 5 second intervals. Consequently my Synology rack station never mounts. Any help would be appreciatted. PROBLEM SOLVED
  19. globalSAN v. (High Sierra compatibility) has been released to the public. globalSAN v.5.3.1 is a free upgrade for users who already have a permanent key for version 5.x. If you have a trial key for an earlier build, upgrading to v.5.3.1 will allow you to reset the initiator's trial period. During the initiator's trial period, only one connection may be established at a time and persistent connections can't be enabled. An expired trial can be renewed only when a new build is released. To purchase a permanent key, unlock the globalSAN preference pane and click the License button. Follow the on-screen instructions to purchase and retrieve your permanent key for this computer. globalSAN v.5.3.1 requires a genuine Apple Intel Mac running 10.8 or later, and a Gigabit Ethernet connection with Cat 5e cable or better. Check the installer's readme file for version history. Important note! macOS High Sierra (not officially released by Apple at the time of this writing) will introduce a new security feature that requires user approval before loading new third-party kernel extensions. You must allow these signed system extensions to be used (Security & Privacy System Preferences Pane) for the "Studio Network Solutions" software you've installed, and a reboot may be required after enabling the extensions. If you also choose the Sentinel Runtime option during installation (for Xtarget licensing) you will also need to allow the system extension from "SFNT Germany GmbH," who provides the driver software for the HASP USB dongle for Xtarget licensing. "SFNT Germany GmbH" is not affiliated with SNS. New Features & Licensing Changes No new features in this release Fixes This build is a cleanup that includes a few issues that were found, fixed, and provided on-demand to a small number of users since v.5.3 was released. Addressed an issue with activation key [GLO-424] Fixed an issue causing Xtarget's checkbox to be invisible in Sierra [GLO-446] Fixed a KP that could occur when using CHAP under Sierra [GLO-441] Thanks for using globalSAN!
  20. If you've not yet done so, please open a support case for assistance with this request.
  21. How do I transfer a license from my previous laptop to the new one? Looks like this license is node locked.
  22. EVO ShareBrowser Desktop Client/Admin v.4.4 contains new features, minor bug fixes and improvements to ShareBrowser 4.3.1. In order to use ShareBrowser 4.4, your EVO must be running version or later with the following plugin versions: Java Runtime Environment: 8u77 PostgreSQL: ShareBrowser Server: Slingshot limited: 0.0.136 EVO Indexer 0.0.73 If your EVO is not up to date with these versions, please contact our support team to determine your upgrade eligibility. Compatibility: Mac: OS X 10.10 or later Windows: Windows 7 or later Before Installing: First remove ShareBrowser v.4.3.1 via the uninstaller in Applications/SNS EVO ShareBrowser (Mac), or the Control Panel (Windows). New Features: Project Sharing integration with macOS Finder (OS X 10.10+) [PMP-928] Project Sharing integration with Windows Explorer [PMP-1040] Enhanced ShareBrowser search options for multiple keywords [PMP-327] Cloud Integration: Google Drive[PMP-850] Export to Premiere using Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit [PMP-1043] Export to FCP X directly from context menu [PMP-1044] Search within folder for macOS and Windows [PMP-1052] Comments and Tags can now Append when multi-selecting files [PMP-860] Improvements: Project locking from contextual menu now available when multiple files are selected [PMP-964] Release locks from contextual menu for Project Sharing when multiple files are selected [PMP-426] Ability to set macOS indexer Name after initial install [PMP-594] Volumes can now be tagged and commented on in ShareBrowser [PMP-666] Implementation of Default view for harvested metadata window [PMP-1056] Default Settings Changed - Avid Integration and SANmp turned off by default [PMP-1070] Removed "Recursive" checkbox from comments section [PMP-1156] Bug Fixes: Fixed an NFS mounting issue with macOS Sierra [PMP-1091] For immediate updates, follow Studio Network Solutions on Twitter. Visit our website for more information on EVO ShareBrowser.
  23. I have one admin and four client discs in the case with dongles. Purchased them when we were moving locations and ended up utilizing other software. So they've never been used. Couldn't find many examples of resales online, but I'd like to sell these so if anyone has interest or could point me in a good direction I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  24. ...and re-enabling SIP after the installation seems to have no adverse effects.
  25. Ok, I can confirm that the installation went through correctly with SIP disabled.
  26. Didn't try the install with SIP disabled, but did see these items in the installation log that are interesting. I will open a support ticket with the full log. installd[598]: ./postinstall: 2017-08-04 16:26:47.285 spr[4561:312950] Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=513 "You don’t have permission to save the file “NSPrefPaneGroups.strings” in the folder “English.lproj”." UserInfo={NSFilePath=/Applications/System Preferences.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/NSPrefPaneGroups.strings, NSUnderlyingError=0x100111cb0 {Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=1 "Operation not permitted"}} and Aug 4 16:27:00 iMac-5K installd[598]: kextcache: Untrusted kexts are not allowed Aug 4 16:27:00 iMac-5K installd[598]: kextcache: Kext with invalid signature (-67062) denied: /Library/StagedExtensions/System/Library/Extensions/D41DEF49-7581-4C95-BCE7-EE221058C542.kext Aug 4 16:27:00 iMac-5K installd[598]: kextcache: Bundle (/System/Library/Extensions/globalSAN.kext) failed to validate, deleting: /Library/StagedExtensions/System/Library/Extensions/D41DEF49-7581-4C95-BCE7-EE221058C542.kext Aug 4 16:27:00 iMac-5K installd[598]: kextcache: Unable to stage kext (/System/Library/Extensions/globalSAN.kext) to secure location. Aug 4 16:27:00 iMac-5K installd[598]: kextcache: globalSAN.kext could not be staged properly; omitting.
  27. Just want to add one more voice to this exact same experience. I will disable SIP and try and reinstall.
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