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    • EVO ShareBrowser "Remember Password" not working
      When users open the EVO ShareBrowser app and enter their user name and password, the "Remember Password" check box is disabled. Is there any way to enable this?
    • No Response from Sharebrowser Server
      The quickest path to resolution for each of these would likely be with a support case, so we could get remote access if needed. Please also see our El Capitan compatibility article.
    • No Response from Sharebrowser Server
      Experiencing similar issue though no formatting took place. Last week Sharebrowser worked fine. No changes to the computer that I'm aware of. Today when I try to launch it, the program opens and then crashes immediately. I am able to mount SANmp. Multiple restarts with no effect. Running 10.11.5 (15F34)
    • No Response from Sharebrowser Server
      I recently reformatted a computer and started with a fresh install of everything, including all of the SNS products I previously used. Globalsan, sanmp, sharebrowser. I am able to access the NAS drive, and the SAN drive using SANmp, but Sharebrowser is completely unable to reach the server. Which is odd, because it was working on this same machine before the reformat. Sharebrowser is working on the other computers also attached to the same EVO. How can I diagnose the issue and get it fixed?