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  2. Hello. For Windows machines, just use the Add/Remove Programs option to uninstall (for Mac, the uninstaller is in the /Applications/SNS EVO ShareBrowser/ folder). Please open a support case if we can help with anything else.
  3. So I recently acquired the SNS 4 Bay EVO Prodigy Desktop and set it up as a NAS for use with my OSX editing stations. I also installed Sharebrowser Server V4.4.1057.9. My team has come to the conclusion that we don't need the project locking features and we are trying to uninstall/turn off Sharebrowser. What is the best way to go about this? I tried using the Admin web portal to uninstall the packages but couldn't find anything. Do I just delete the Sharebrowser EXE file in the root of my logical disk?
  4. RogerEG: I had the same experience with an "out of the box" iMac Pro. Had to force a shutdown, restart and "Command R" at the Apple icon. Even worse, Disk Utility reported corruption that could not be repaired. Had to use Disk Utility to 'zero' the SSD and reinstall Mac OS X before it was clean. Am working with SNS Support to reattempt initiator installation. Regards, SaniDel
  5. Windows Login

    Something like this may work: // /media/evo cifs defaults,username=dharris,password=sammi92,sec=ntlm 0 0 Please open a support case if we can help with anything else, and we can take a closer look at the environment if needed.
  6. Windows Login

    Thanks. Yes, I did find the article referring to mounting on a tricaster and saw that authentication notice. We had a different unit in the same department that had the same problem earlier and that was the problem. With that one, I had to have IT change the setting since it was controlled by a group policy on the network. Fortunately, for this one I was able to make the change myself. Changing the Local Policy corrected the issue. Thanks again, I don't know how I forgot about that issue. I do have a different question concerning mounting to a linux box. I thought I had it set at one time but since the update it doesn't seem to mount. Here are my settings in /etc/fstab // /media/evo cifs username=dharris,password=sammi92,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 0 Am I missing something? Should I start a new topic on this? Thanks.
  7. Windows Login

    It sounds like this Windows machine may be using an older authentication method (NTLM, rather than NTLMv2). To change this, click the Windows button and type secpol.msc to access the Local Security Policy settings. Navigate to Local Policies > Security Options > Network security: LAN Manager authentication level Choose Send NTLMv2 response only from the drop-down menu, and click Apply. If that doesn't help, feel free to open a support case, and we can take a closer look at this.
  8. I have recently upgraded my Sharebrowser to version to and when using a Windows 7 Pro, I try to mount a drive and the Windows Security pop-up asks me to enter the Network password. We are set up on a domain and I thought in the past I needed to change the login from our usdlocal\username domain to evo\username plus the users evo password. When I try that now I'm returned to the box saying my password is incorrect. Apparently I've forgotten how to mount a drive in Windows or I need to change a security preference. Could anyone lead me down the right path? Thanks
  9. SOLVED: I had to use sanmpclient --evo-mode Oggy
  10. Hi!, I'm trying to make a "login" bat file to automount voumes on windows. When I try to login via sanmpclient in cmd i get an ERROR: The security key is not installed. Please insert a valid key (2) But when I insert a USB dongle everything works. But I cannot have one dongle on multiple editingstations. SANmp CLIENT Best, Oggy
  11. We are an Audio Post production facility, and we have been using the EVO for a couple of years now. We recently decided that the one-write-user limitation of SAN was too inconvenient for us, and we switched out existing SAN volumes to NAS. We mount them using AFP on our mac workstations. We have run sessions off of the AFP mounts for quite some time and there are no issues with it. However, one thing that was recently switched to NAS was our Sound Effects Library. Since converting to a NAS volume and mounting AFP, we are having some considerable lag in searching the library using the Pro Tools Workspace Browser. This is seen on multiple computers running various different Mac OS and Pro Tools versions. I have indexed the volume in the workspace browser (Pro Tools indexing, for anyone not familiar to do with pro tools, this is common for the software to make searches faster). Are there any tips on getting the search function of our library to go any faster? One thought I had was to make the Sound Effects library mount smb and try that. In the past, we have had better results in streaming large sessions using afp instead, and getting all of our users who aren't necessarily IT savvy to figure out how to mount smb instead of afp, and having them remember which ones are different and all that doesn't sound like a good time. So I am skeptical to go this route. However, if the consensus is that this would be a fix, then I would consider it.
  12. Hi Alan, Ah yes, just tested, and it's working with Firefox. Thank you! I don't mind using Firefox, so I don't think I'll open a support request, but good to know the option is there. Thanks again.
  13. Hello, This sounds like a known issue regarding the latest versions of Chrome and Safari. Do you continue to receive this error message when using Firefox? If you would like to open a new support request, we may be able to update the EVO OS to address the changes made to Chrome and Safari. Thank you! Alan
  14. Currently running EVO Sharebrowser version on OS X El Cap version 10.11.6 Attempting to restore deleted files from the EVO, but when I go to the recycle bin to browse deleted files, I get the message "Procedure 'getTrashShares' not present". I used to be able to restore deleted files, so not sure what's changed. Any help is appreciated!
  15. I'm running EVO Sharebrowser version on OS X El Cap version 10.11.6. Currently have SAN volumes and an EVO. Audio files on the SAN volumes do display the bit depth, sample rate, and duration in Finder when selected, but audio files on the EVO do not display this info. So, just wondering if there's a setting I need to change so that I can see this info? Thanks in advance
  16. Seems that the works for logging in, however now the iSCSI write through cache option no longer stays on. I can see it in the menu, but it's not possible to keep it "checked" on. Any chance to get that fixed?
  17. After upgrading my Mac OSX from Yosemite to El Capitan, I can no longer connect to the storage. Newest global san iSCSI initiator version and using the I uninstalled everyting using the uninstaller and then reinstalled everything. Any clue as to why I can no longer succesfully log in? Globals san is all lit up as normal and the storage is found without problem. thanks
  18. We can take a closer look at the environment if you'd like to open a support case.
  19. Hi Ben, The macOS server shares the iSCSI volumes to the client workstations as a NAS share, correct? If so, then yes, only one globalSAN license will needed. If you have any other questions, or if we can help out with anything, please feel free to open a support case. Thank you! Alan
  20. I set up a small lab of Mac computers, one of them being OSX server and a NAS capable of using iSCSI targets. I installed globalSAN iSCSI initiator on the server and mounted the iSCSI volume as "local storage" on the server. I then used the OSX server features to allow OSX client users to 'redirect' their home folders to the server's "local storage" aka the iscsi drive. I just called SNS to purchase the $89 license for our server, and the sales agent told me I need to buy a license for each client computer...is this correct? I'm not installing anything on the client computers....nothing on the client computers is accessing the iscsi/NAS device directly.
  21. I got it working Thought I'd share the script here. This is my disconnect script. You need to run diskutil list in terminal while the target disk is mounted on your desktop in order to find what name the volume has. In my case it's disk2s2. do script "" in window 1 allows the script to happen all in the same window, otherwise it launches a new window per command. For the Connect script, just change disconnect to connect and take out the first 2 commands. tell application "Terminal" reopen activate do script "diskutil unmount /dev/disk2s2" in window 1 delay 4 do script "cd /opt/local/bin" in window 1 delay 2 do script "./gsutil --disconnect 4C2XXXXX-DE1E-4C6A-BABE-XXXXX7F61763" in window 1 end tell tell application "Finder" set visible of process "Terminal" to false end tell Then I just made the 2 scripts into services with the help of Automator. Works like a charm. EDIT: I tried the bash thing but it wouldn't work, so I just use cd
  22. My EVO has several NAS shares that we mount on our macs via afp. Within the last day or so, one of the machines keeps dropping one of the NAS share mounts. It remains connected to the remaining shares, but this one share for whatever reason will not stay mounted if left inactive for a couple of minutes. Our EVO configuration did indeed change recently. During the holidays, I pulled all of the data from our SAN volumes, and converted all SAN shares to NAS, and replaced the data. Along the way, I backed up a NAS share, deleted it, recreated it with less space, and spread some of the extra space around to the newly created NAS shares that replaced the SAN shares. The NAS share that can not stay mounted, is actually the ONLY share on the EVO that did not get changed at all through the holidays. It has always worked fine in the past. Suddenly, it will not stay connected. It is seemingly on only this one computer, and it is only that one NAS share. I have tried both mounting the share through the ShareBrowser, as well as using the finder connect to server function. Neither seem to make it to where the share will remain mounted if let idle for more than a couple of minutes. Anyone have any ideas on what to try to get the mount to stick?
  23. Hi there. Yes looks like "Automatic Read/Write Sync" is enabled on all but 2 of our volumes, with a sync interval of 20 seconds. So that would explain the constant Explorer closing. I could turn that off, but reading the SANmp client manual seems to suggest it's best to leave it on. I'll open a case, as I do still have some related questions. Thanks.
  24. I believe this was resolved yesterday by removing invalid components, but please open a support case if we can assist with anything else.
  25. Is Auto Sync enabled in SANmp Admin? This is expected behavior if an Explorer window is open when the sync interval hits. Feel free to open a support case if you still have concerns, and we can take a closer look at the environment.
  26. I installed what I believe is iSCSI initiator on my MacBook with High Sierra and after accepting the extension on the security screen I rebooted and my Mac loader goes slower than normal and seems to get stuck causing to login screen to never appear and all I have is Apple logo with a full loader bar underneath. Held shift to get to safe mode so I could maybe uninstall but no luck. Any help would be appreciated.
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