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    • SoftRaid volume support as Xtarget source lun
      Hi Glenn, It looks like we failed to update you last year, but we did investigate this at the time, and we took another look this last week. We found that adding support for this target would not be a trivial task. We've been listening for users who want an alternative software RAID, but haven't had enough buzz to warrant the development that would be required to add and maintain future support for any third-party solutions. Note that Apple RAID can still be configured in the current OS versions from the command line, and that this is supported in Xtarget.
    • Is MAC OS Sierra supported yet?
      Hi Paul, We have an article about compatibility with macOS Sierra: https://studionetworksolutions.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213100243-macOS-Sierra-w-SNS-Products The short version is that yes, the newest version of globalSAN seems to work fine. Thanks,
    • Is MAC OS Sierra supported yet?
      Hello  Anyone had any success with Global SAN on OS Sierra? Or advise?  About to reinstall one of our 3 servers and try will get back to you if I have success or fail. Cheers Paul.
    • SoftRaid volume support as Xtarget source lun
      Hi,   Has there since (a year later) been any new development on this. softraid has now a solid reputation and very solid drivers. Any chance of supporting that as base so i can replace my last appleraid/xtarget with a softraid/xtarget ?