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      PLEASE NOTE: This forum is closed and no longer moderated. Please visit https://www.studionetworksolutions.com/support/ for assistance with your SNS products. Follow Studio Network Solutions on Twitter. Thank you!


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    • Hello. For Windows machines, just use the Add/Remove Programs option to uninstall (for Mac, the uninstaller is in the /Applications/SNS EVO ShareBrowser/ folder). Please open a support case if we can help with anything else.
    • So I recently acquired the SNS 4 Bay EVO Prodigy Desktop and set it up as a NAS for use with my OSX editing stations.  I also installed Sharebrowser Server V4.4.1057.9.  My team has come to the conclusion that we don't need the project locking features and we are trying to uninstall/turn off Sharebrowser.  What is the best way to go about this?  I tried using the Admin web portal to uninstall the packages but couldn't find anything.  Do I just delete the Sharebrowser EXE file in the root of my logical disk?
    • RogerEG:

      I had the same experience with an "out of the box" iMac Pro. Had to force a shutdown, restart and "Command R" at the Apple icon. Even worse, Disk Utility reported corruption that could not be repaired. Had to use Disk Utility to 'zero' the SSD and reinstall Mac OS X before it was clean.

      Am working with SNS Support to reattempt initiator installation. Regards,   SaniDel
    • Something like this may work: //  /media/evo cifs defaults,username=dharris,password=sammi92,sec=ntlm 0 0 Please open a support case if we can help with anything else, and we can take a closer look at the environment if needed.